Atlantic HF Frequency Assignments
Valid from Aug. 21, 2019, 1500Z - 1900Z
Air Traffic Control LDOC / Phone Patch
Primary Secondary Primary Secondary
Gulf of Mexico / S. America Air Traffic Control 11330 kHz 8918 kHz LDOC / Phone Patch 11342 kHz 13348 kHz
Caribbean / N. Atlantic Air Traffic Control 11309 kHz 8825 kHz LDOC / Phone Patch 11342 kHz 8933 kHz
Northeast U.S. Air Traffic Control 6577 kHz 5550 kHz LDOC / Phone Patch 6640 kHz 8933 kHz
Eastern Atlantic Air Traffic Control 17946 kHz 13306 kHz LDOC / Phone Patch 17925 kHz 13348 kHz
Coastal VHF Maritime Canada to Virginia 129.90 MHz
Coastal VHF Carolinas to Florida and Gulf of Mexico 130.70 MHz
New York ARINC SatVoice 436623
For more information contact New York ARINC at +1-631-589-7272
*Flights may call on-ground VHF for HF frequency assignments at the designated gateways or on the extended range VHF when airborne.